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Defined & launched new, digital commercial lending product for American Express 
  • Led 200+ person, distributed, cross-functional team

  • Defined product vision & requirements for 3 user segments

  • Managed $30M+ annual tech budget

  • Launched two betas in April and July 2016 respectively (Press Release)

Defined & executed a technology delivery capability transformation, reporting to CTO at American Express, achieving $25M & $40M run rate productivity gains in years 1 & 2 respectively
Developed proprietary Automation Monetization Model used by 1500+ scrum teams across American Express Technologies

Designed proprietary Enterprise Automation Advancement Model and Toolkit 

Defined user experience, as well as data migration & integration plan for Metra’s Enterprise Asset Management platform


Defined & launched integrated shopping cart for Air, Cars and Hotels, as well as Trip Management on

  • Designed wireframes & requirements for purchase path serving ~2.5M annual customers

  • A/B tested UX for optimal Car & Hotel cross-sell

  • Delivered incremental revenue of ~$900M

  • Oversaw QA & ensured highest quality release to date (as of 2010)


Defined & launched new Homepage (with over 2B annual page views), Global Navigation, Group Check-in & Trip Insurance capabilities for

Led quality assurance of EarlyBird Check-In & Gift Cards releases for & (Press Release)​

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